Transmission repair manuals AX4N / 4F50N

Information about rebuild transmission AX4N / 4F50N

The main distinguishing features of this modification are dual-mass clutch (it gives an opportunity inconsistently change gears, it helps to improve the dynamic of acceleration and now such technology is used in five and six stage gearboxes), system with slippage of the torque converter and locking friction clutch (for changing gears more smoothly and passengers don’t feel discomfort because of hits and push on uneven road.). This modification of gearbox improves fuel consumption rate and acceleration of the car.

AX4N / 4F50N Transmission problems

But even with all innovations gearbox is still very reliable. If the user regularly changes the oil, automatic transmission can work for 186411 miles without any repair operations. Changing the oil can be performed by the user without specialists, but the overhaul of automatic transmission AX4N is complicated and it must be performed in specialized service center with appropriate equipment for dismantling gear boxes of such size. The most frequent causes for repair AX4N – problems with solenoids and with automatic equipment. Automatic equipment in this modification is not stable enough and that’s why it was completely changed in next generation of gearboxes.

Transmission ax4n repair and teardown video

Transmission scheme

F_AX4N scheme

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