TF-80SC Transmission repair manuals (AW TF81-SC)

TF-80SC transmission — information about rebuild AW  TF 81SC

This modification was intended for vehicles with a working volume of 2.2 litres. But a new improved transmission appeared, which could be installed on cars with an engine volume up to 4 litres. The highest torque is 450 Newton meters. Transmission AW TF-80SC / 81SC has a complex structure and fully operated by the automatic system, this was the only mechanical connection with the gearbox selector. So, the car owner must be careful when changing speed and modes of the transmission. A common cause of damage is the change of regime in a gear box in a moving vehicle. Quite often drivers when manoeuvring in reverse try to switch the Reverse to the Drive without waiting for complete stop. As a result, the frictions would break, and an expensive repair of the AT AW TF-80SC needed to be done.

TF 80sc transmission problems

This modification of the gear box turned out to be rather ambiguous. A separate powertrain option could work without giving the owner any trouble for decades. While other transmissions broke down quite often. Transmission TF-80SC problems does not handle aggressive driving. This way friction problems occur and soon there are unpleasant jerks when shifting gears. After a prolonged usage there can be problems in the hydraulic unit that forces you to have expensive repairs of the automatic transmission AW TF-80SC. You can find many repair kits that are used in any sort of failures of the AT.

Solenoid remove TF80SC video

TF 80sc transmission fluid change

Capacity: 8.9qts

Fluid Type: You can use Toyota Type T-IV or Toyota WS

Filter: installed in gearbox. Dont need to change.

toyota WS fluid

TearDown Video

TF80SC Transmission diagram with parts


AW TF80SC Solenoids

Transmission TF80 solenoids

TF80 and TF81 SC Valve body



TF80 clutch work

tf80sc_clutch work

Parts for rebuild TF80SC/81SC transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Bushing kit

Piston kit


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