Transmission repair manuals AA80E, TL-80SN

Information about rebuild transmission AA80E, TL-80SN

While using eight-speed gearbox you can increase dynamic indicators of the car and decrease fuel consumption. Comparing it to six-speed auto gearboxes, we can save 20%. The construction had been complicated. It affected its reliability. Inventors of Automatic Transmission AA80LE TL-80SN said they created super reliable and long-lasting gearbox. But in reality this transmission isn’t protected from breakings. After running more than 200.000 kilometers you need to do an overhaul. In case of breaks you must repair AA80LE TL-80SN.

Oil sump of transmission is oversized; its volume is more than 10 liters.

Fluid change

Regular change of oil let to extend life time of valve body and the whole gearbox. During the exploitation we found out that change of oil is the best method to save the gearbox. Automaker set up service intervals for 40.000 kilometers.

AA80E Transmission problems

Valve body is one of the weakest areas of automatic transmission AA80E TL-80S. It works in conditions of hot temperature, so there are some problems with electric and used solenoids. The replacement of solenoids is performed on its function. You can find out all functions of each solenoid by using technical documentation. Repairs and service works of automatic transmission AA80LE TL-80SN are really complex and they can be done only by experts.

AA80E Guide Repair

Transmission scheme

transmission TL80 stall t est Solenoids scheme TL80SN

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