Transmission repair manuals A960E

Information about transmission A960E

The use of a computer controlled gear system has made it easier and smoother to switch back and forth between gears. To drive a vehicle with the automatic transmission A960E is almost like driving with CVT. The controller switches stage smoothly and efficiently. The use of slip control lockup clutch in the torque gives us improved acceleration and fuel savings. The sport mode gives us the ability to switch stages with perfect timing, improving the car dynamics, along with the automatic power control of the transmission adapts to the driving of the owner.

A rather simple design of the clutch allows to repair the automatic transmission and gives it improved performance durability. This modern automatic transmission A96OE requires a correct and timely service. The key to a prolonged use of the A960E is a regular oil and filter change. It is also important to check the condition of the solenoids and clutches. When it needs to be fixed, you can use repair kits that simplify the repair of automatic transmission A96OE malfunctions. To repair A96OE is complex and expensive. Therefore, we advise you to use the transmission properly and that will save you from the repair cost.

Transmission scheme

transmission A960E scheme

A960E Fluid (oil) change

Transmission a960E manual fluid

A960E Valve Body

A960E vakve body

A960E Stall Test

A960E stall test

A960E Pockets

Transmission A960E pockets

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