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Information about rebuild transmission A760E, A761E,  /F /H

The modified gearbox has proved Itself a truly reliable and powerful transmission, which can be operated in a variety of harsh environments. The modified six speed automatic transmission can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles, with the same success. The latter is characterized by an increased level of torque. The automatic gearbox A760E proves itself quite reliable and lasting on these types of automobiles. In 2006 there was a modified A761, which was different because of the great work of the solenoid and the valve body. The latter was designed specifically from this transmission. The special feature of this modification is the addition of the plastic filters, which are changed at the same time as the maintenance of the gearbox and oil change.

Transmission A760E problems

Like most other automatic transmissions that are intended to be used in powerful cars, this modification has its own specific problems. Mainly due to the oil overheating, problems with the valve body and with the contamination of oil friction dust which occurs. To repair the automatic gearbox A760E/A761 is a huge challenge, that could only be performed by professionals and with the use of high quality diagnostic equipment.

Rebuild tips

Transmission A760E fluid change

Capacity: 8.7QTS

Fluid type: Toyota WS

toyota WS fluid

Transmission parts scheme

scheme a760 a761 scheme

Clutch Work


Valve Body Accumulators Identify


Valve Body And Solenoids Identification


Parts for Rebuild A760E Transmission

Solenoids and Valve Body

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