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Automatic Transmission A750E. This transmission has a manual gearshift. Transmission can be used in automobiles with engines that have 4,7 liters of volume. There were represented a few modifications of this transmission, that were differentiated between the amount of frictions and the availability of additional radiator for oil cooling. The last one was used in gearboxes, that are for maximal torque. Gear ratio was chosen specially to provide smooth and comfortable gear shifting. Oil cooling system allows to maintain possible temperature, it prevents from overheat of transmission, even if it’s used in maximal mode.

Service maintenance isn’t only about regular change of oil, but also cleaning of valve body, that are accomplished after a mileage for about 100.000 kilometers. While cleaning the valve body, you should remember that it is necessary to change the oil in transmission. 10 liters of original transmission oil are needed for this work. As for breakings, breakdown of solenoids is one of them, this is because of tough conditions of exploitation. Replacement of broken solenoids is possible. Repairs of Automatic Transmission A750E is recommended to implement after running more than 250.000 kilometers. An overhaul is accomplished with dismantling of the gearbox and it is very complicated.

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