Transmission repair manuals A4AF3 / A4BF3

Information about rebuild transmission A4AF3 / A4BF3

Compact size of automatic transmission A4AF3 combined with excellent indicators of reliability and durability of the modification of that gearbox. Special feature of this modification of gearboxes is that they have a manual gear shift mode that allows the driver to choose the transmission mode. Thus, improved results are achieved of dynamics and fuel economy. Despite the existence of the manual mode gear changes, this modification of the of automatic transmissions is different by simple structure and, consequently, excellent reliability. Without the question about how to repair modified automatic transmission A4AF3 can easily withstand approximately 300,000 kilometers. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that such reliability of characteristic is only for those cases when the car owner in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations for that gearbox of its operation.

Transmission A4AF3/A4BF2 Problems

Typical failures — problems with the brake band and clutch. For car owners who neglect the need to replace oil in the automatic transmission, already after 70 — 80 thousand kilometers can occur problems with the solenoids. In the last case it is necessary to carry out time-consuming and costly repairs, so we encourage you to make an oil change, in full compliance with the requirements of the manufacturer.

A4AF3 Code P0734

Transmission scheme


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