Transmission repair manuals A440 / A442

Information about transmission A440 / A442

For its simple construction, this transmission is simple and reliable in repairs. You don’t have to change oil in automatic gearbox, which is significantly facilitate service works on this kind of modification. A manufacturer doesn’t demand any special requirements for oil change of Automatic Transmission A440. We should note that there’s no need in changing the filter element while changing the oil. If it’s necessary, wash the net, which is the filter. You must keep an eye on oil, transmission provides a hole and a dipstick for that. Frictions and other elements can suffer because of the lack of oil in the gearbox. Also, you can top up the original product yourself.

As for breakings, we can name friction problems. They had been burned after running more than for 100.000 kilometers.

Since 1992, friction construction has changed. The problem, connected with early breaking downs of friction clutches was completely eliminated. After a mileage for about 200.000 kilometers we recommend to observe a gearbox and change gaskets. While doing A440 repairs it is recommended to change the oil. There’s special repair kits that allows to eliminate all problems in this automatic gearbox A440 and its modification 442.

Transmission scheme

A440 transmission manual

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