Transmission repair manuals A130 (A131L , A132L)

Information about rebuild transmission A130 (A131L , A132L)

Initially, Automatic Transmission A130/A131L/A132L was used for front-wheel compact automobiles. As a fact, it has a real high level of reliability. For instance, there is a simple construction. Gearshift hadn’t got any auto systems, that were affected its own reliability. The simple construction was improving and changing while it was on conveyor. In last modifications automatic transmission had two planetary gears and lubrication was implemented by forced method without a use of solenoids. Therefore, this kind of constructions could facilitate gearshift’s service and repairs.

A132L Problems

We must say, that it is a great rarity when domestic cars have this kind of gearshift’s modification.

That is why Automatic Transmission A130/A131/A132 isn’t often get repaired. At the same time there are no difficulties in its repairs, it’s so simply that you can do it yourself. While exploiting transmissions we can note some problems with gaskets, but we can realize its replacement effortlessly. A long period of exploitation as running more than 300.000 kilometers there are such problems as breaking of brake band and special spring. So, this kind of repairs is really sophisticated but spare parts are available regarding its price.

A130L, A131L, A132L Transmission repair guide

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Transmission parts scheme

A130 tranismission scheme

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