Transmission repair manuals 722.7

Information about rebuild transmission 722.7

The automatic transmission 722.7 made for rear-wheel drive cars. It has perfect dynamic and helps to save fuel, due to multiple automatic systems. This modification is a very reliable and can work 200-300 thousand kilometers without any repairs.

You should remember about regularly changing of oil and filter elements. Such procedure can be executed only by specialists in the service center and it is very hard to do it by yourself. You also should remember, that you can use brands of oil, only which are recommended by Mercedes. Car owners should do inspection of the condition of the automatic transmission on the flyover. Oil leakage can be, if there got holes in the gasket. You should address to the service center after you have seen first signs of the oil leakage and clear this problem.

Transmission 722.7 problems


Most usual problems with 722.7 are damaged electronic or controlling unit of the automatic transmission. In this case you have to change controlling electronic or transmission cables, which get damaged often enough. Solenoids and the valve body can work over 300 thousand kilometers, if you use high quality oil and clean it regularly. If you have to repair 722.7 we recommend you to use special repair kit.

Transmission 722.7 Fluid change

Filter Number: A1683770295

Fluid Type: Mobil LT 71141

Capacity: 5.4 qts

722.7 Valve Body Secrets

Transmission parts scheme

722.700 scheme

722.7 scheme  722.7 scheme 722.7 scheme

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