Transmission repair manuals 722.5

Information about rebuild transmission 722.5

The five-speed automatic transmission 722.5 has a sport mode. It made dynamic parameters gets very high. When the sport mode is activated, the automatic transmission shifts gears, when the engine revs reach 5000-6000 revs per minute. When sport mode is inactivated, then transmission shifts gears, when it is 2000-2500 revs per minute. This modification of the automatic gearbox is a very soft, so when the speed is changing, passengers and car driver don’t feel any jolts.

Mercedes 722.5 Transmission problems

If you are using old or not the highest-quality oil, then you can get problems with the valve body. Producer recommends you to change transmission oil every 50 thousand kilometers. If you won’t fulfil these requirements, you can get problems with clutch discs or get broken friction valve, besides problems with the valve body. That’s why we recommend you to do all service works, according to the recommend of the producer, and if there is need for you should repair 722.5 at professional specialists. If you change oil, you should also change oil filters, else you get a problem with the bake band of the automatic transmission. In this case you should just change the element, which got broken.

Valve Body Rebuild 722.5


722.5 transmission oil change / fluid capacity

Capacity: 6.5 quarts

Fluid Type: You can use Mobil LT71141 or Dexron III

Transmission parts scheme

transmission 722.5 scheme

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