Transmission repair manuals 722.3, 722.4

Information about rebuild transmission 722.3, 722.4

The five-speed automatic transmission 722.3/722.4 came out at 1990 and counts as very reliable and easy to repair.

Mostly, this automatic gearbox is using by German brand Mercedes. It is perfect matching to engines, which have more than 4 liters’ volume. The automatic transmission has bigger valve body, and the crankcase of transmission oil has more than 6-liter volume. But this modification also has an important requirement for the service inspection. If the car owner doesn’t change oil, when it is time to, then the automatic transmission won’t work more than 100 thousand kilometers. At same time, if you change oil at time transmission 722.3 can work over 300 thousands kilometers without the capital renovation. The automatic transmission 722.4 made for driving at city, so don’t drive with it too fast.

722.3 Transmission problems and rebuild

Most popular problems you can get with it is to get broken body valve or solenoids. It happens, if you use not the highest quality oil or if you don’t keep to the right intervals of changing it. More seldom you have to do renovation of steel wheels or of friction clutches. In this case the automatic transmission getting taken out and it get repaired. It is impossible to repair 722.3 or 722.4, so, if you get any problem, you should address to the professional specialists.

Mercedes 722 3 transmission fluid

These transmissions were built at that time for use with «ATF IID» developed oils. Capacity over 7.3 l.

It has already been noted several times that, for example, ATF III contains something «aggressive» and can dissolve the brake bands, which leads to slip when shifting.

Oils from 236.10 and 236.14 service sheets are meant for transmissions with electronically controlled converter clutch plate clutches and brake bands, ie from 722.6 and up.Transmission capacity

Transmission Fluid Capacity — Complete Overhaul8.9 liters9.4 quarts
Bottom Pan Removal4.7 liters5.0 quarts

How to change oil 722.3

Transmission 722.3 parts scheme


722.3 Application Chart


Valve Body 722.3 Mercedes

722.3 valve body

What type of fluid in 722.3?

236.6 Fluid

Parts for Rebuild 722.3 / 722.4 Transmission

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