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62 TE automatic transmission is notable for reliability and perfect durability. The construction of the transmission was sufficiently modernized and reinforced. It enables to sustain power of 500 N- m. That’s why the valve body was enlarged. The Effective grease system provides optimum performance of all movable elements of the transmission. Fully computerized control provided an opportunity of sufficient increase of life utility of gearbox. The last sixth gear works as a down gear which increases fuel economy on the speedways. In a town drive, this gear practically is not activated by the gearbox. If you are eager to gather speed with maximum efficiency, you should know about the kick down mode. The gearbox turned out to be extremely dependable so don’t question yourself how to repair the 62 TE AT.

62TE Transmission Problems

With the mileage more than 125.000 miles the valve body is commonly replaced by a new one due to the frequently encountered failures. The necessity of regular oil change is also worth mentioning. It would help to protect the solenoids from premature failure. The replacement of a transmission oil and filter element should be replaced every 35.000 — 45.000 miles.

62TE transmission fluid change

Capacity: 5.5 Quarts — 5.2 Liters

Fluid type: MOPAR® ATF+4 Automatic

mopar atf +4

Oil Service — video


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62TE Scheme

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62TE scheme


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62te transmission valve body

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