5R110W Transmission repair manuals — 4R100

5R110w transmission — information about rebuild 4R100

One of the characteristics of this modification automatic gearbox 5R110W is its reinforced construction. At the same time, it must be said that such a wide introduction of automation negatively affected the performance of grade automatic gearbox 5R110W (4R100). The control units, sensors and cables bad withstand frequent temperature changes and quickly break down. The complexity of the repair automatic gearbox 5R110W in this case is to diagnose the problem. Even with using of special equipment to correctly identify the problem right the first time is difficult. Therefore, repair is becoming more difficult and increases in the cost of its execution.

Repair and maintenance automatic gearbox 5R110W (4R100) has high complexity and should be done only by professionals. Banal procedure for transmission oil change cannot be executed independently because access to the filler hole without using of special equipment is impossible. Of specific breakdowns can identify problems with the valve body. This breaking is common to all transmissions, which are used in heavy-duty cars. By the run of 200 — 250 thousand kilometers solenoids fail and require replacement. Besides, you may need to clean the complex feed channels oil into the valve body.

5R110W Transmission diagram scheme

5R110 diagram Scheme

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