4T65E transmission repair manuals (4T60E)

4T65E Information about rebuild transmission (4T60E)

The automatic 4T65E transmission has retimed transmission shift strategy which allows optimal use of the engine’s cardinality indicators. At the same time, we note that there is no possibility to change gears manually in the gearbox, and there is only a special sports mode, which resets the transmission and allows the engine to spin up to maximum speed.

4T65E Transmission Problems

The weak point of automatic gearbox 4T65E is bearings, which can come into disrepair already on the run at 150 — 200 thousand kilometers. As a rule, when the car gets this operational kilometer there is a need of major repair of gearbox. The major repair is a certain complexity due to the need to dismantle the gearbox from the car and carrying out repair works on the special stand. In some cases, it can be observed oil leaking out of the defective gaskets. In this case, the repair of gearbox consists in replacement of the rubber gaskets and cleaning the oil. Quite often there are problems with drum clutch which at aggressive driving burns quickly and needs to be replaced. At the same time, we note that the major rebuild of gearbox doesn’t differ by high cost but it is necessary to dismantle the gearbox.

4T65E Fluid Change

Fluid type: DEXRON III fluid (2 gallons) and filter kit

Capacity: 6 liters for change, 10 liters dry fill.

4T65E Transmission diagram scheme

4T65E transmission diagram scheme

Power Flow

power flow chart

4T65E / 4T60E Solenoids scheme

4T65E solenoids

4T60E/4T65E Valve Body Scheme

4T65e/4T60E valve body

Valve Body Seal Difference

4t65E valve body seals

Parts for rebuild 4T65E (4T60E) transmission

What do you need for repair?

Master kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

TransGo Shift Kits (P1811/P0741)

How to fix P1811 Problem (TransGo)

Torque converter



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