4R70W Transmission repair manuals (AOD-E )

4R70W transmission — Information about rebuild (AOD-E )

This is the gearbox 4R70W of perfectly simple construction. Thanks to it, the gearbox turned out to be extremely reliable and long-lasting. The service wasn’t needed, and if you don’t push the gas pedal to the floor, the transmission could be in use up to 185.000 miles without the major repairs’ necessity. The 4R70W transmission was significantly enlarged to be installed to the car with an extremely powerful engine. 

Transmission Problems

Frictions, disks and clutch are made of special alloy of ultra-high-strength. If you wondered how to rebuild 4R70W automatic gearbox, be sure – it’s pretty easy. You can even do it yourself. The most widespread breakages are the oil leakage and gaskets lacked impermeability. The difficult part is that you should run the oil off and dismantle the oil pan which weight a lot. In rare instances with an active cold-running the problems with solenoids and clutch drum could occur. Such a repair will cost you a fortune, because of the expensiveness of used parts. That’s why we highly recommend you to warm-up the transmission before usage at cold period of the year.

4R70W Teardown transmission

How to rebuild — video

Fluid Change

The overall capacity of the oiling system is more than 10 liters. The quantity of solenoids is also increased.

Capacity: 10 liters

Fluid Type: Mercon V

4r70w fluid


Capacity: 9.5-13 quarts

4R70W Transmission scheme



4r70 transmission repair

Transmission parts scheme

4R70 transmission scheme

Parts for rebuild (4R70W AODE) transmission

What do you need for repair?

Rebuild Kits

Solenoids and Valve Body

Torque converter

Other Parts


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