4R100 Transmission repair manuals (E4OD)

4R100 transmission — information about rebuild (E4OD)

Automatic 4R100 transmission is easy to repair and service. The automatic transmission E40D (4R) used for at least the control electronics, which has a positive effect on the performance of its reliability.

There are problems with the solenoids and valve body starting with more than 200 runs — 250 thousand kilometers. Car owners need to do repair work on the replacement of solenoids or restoration of valve body. In the last case, the repair cost can be quite high. There is a replacement input shaft and pump seals during the overhaul. In rare cases get out of order the oil pumps, the replacement of which is characterized by labor-intensive and has a high cost. It is also pointed out the problems with overrunning clutch and clutch drum. Planetary number of different strength and its failure is very rare.

In conclusion we can say that the automatic transmission 4R100 is reliable and durable. At the same time, the car owner must be remembered that after 200 — 300 thousand kilometers there is a development of resources of individual transmission sites, forcing to make costly repairs. You should also keep in mind the need for regular servicing the transmission and use of high quality consumable items.

4R100 Transmission diagram scheme

4r100 transmission diagram Scheme

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