Transmission repair manuals 4L40E (5L40Е) BMW 3-series

Information about transmission 4L40E (5L40Е) BMW 3-series

Four speed automatic transmission 4L40E was set up basically on BMW automobiles.Despite using a large number of automatic computer sensors and systems, this modification of gearbox proved itself as a reliable one and cheap as for service works. If you exploit Automatic Gearbox 4L40E (5L40E) correctly, transmission can bear a mileage for more than 200.000 kilometers without a need in expensive repairs. You should keep an eye on oil and if it’s necessary you should change it. Manufacturer recommends to change transmission oil every year or after running more than 30.000 kilometers.To repair 4L40E (5L40E) is not recommended on your own, it would be better to give the car to the service. As for breakings, we can highlight problems with stuffing box, it can lead to oil leak. Frictions have unilateral location, this affected on reliability of this element. Using bad-quality oil, there are can be some problems with solenoids and oil pump. The second ones often go wrong and there’s a need in expensive repairs. That’s why we recommend to use original transmission oil and change it according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Transmission scheme

5L40 scheme

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