4EAT Transmission repair manuals (Subaru)

4EAT Transmission — information about rebuild (Subaru)

Feature of this modification of a transmission 4EAT is use of the valve body with completely automated solenoids. Similar has allowed to improve essentially greasing and cooling of mobile elements of a transmission. Transmission differs in the compact sizes and the increased reliability.

Optimization of transfer numbers of a transmission has allowed to improve dynamic indicators of the car essentially. In too time it should be noted the fact that when using this modification of a transmission the expense at the car in comparison with mechanics increased by one and a half – two liters of fuel. Besides dispersal time has increased to one hundred. In a transmission there was no sports mode therefore the car owner could activate only a special operating mode of transmission with three transfers which allowed to improve dynamics of dispersal a little.

4EAT Transmission Problems

This transmission thanks to the design has turned out rather reliable. Only at the beginning of the production transmission suffered from private problems with solenoids and friction clutches. Subsequently the majority of transmissions has received updating that has solved a problem with reliability. Repair 4EAT doesn’t represent any complexity and in the presence at the car owner of due experience can be made independently. It is recommended to make replacement of oil of times in 100.000 kilometers of run. Change of oil can be executed by the car owner independently. It is necessary to remember that together with oil it is required to change the filtering element only.


4EAT Fluid Service (How to change Oil?)


How to rebuild (Video)

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4EAT Transmission diagram scheme

4eat transmission diagram scheme

4eat scheme

4EAT Solenoids Identification (Valve Body 4EAT)


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