545RFE Transmission (45RFE) repair manuals

545RFE Transmission (45RFE) — information about rebuild

Four and five-speed transmissions have more than 90% of interchangeable parts. It allows carrying out repairs easily. Automatic transmission 45RFE/545rfe proved itself as a durable and reliable transmission. Serious damage is a very rare thing. Despite the fact that this transmission was developed to be used with heavy-duty engines, it is compact. It can be explained by the active use of electronic control systems, which reduced the drive shafts and the valve body.

It’s recommended to produce the preheating of 45RFE in the winter season. This procedure takes less than a minute and can get rid of many problems that are caused by the exploitation of the car in sub-zero temperatures. To preheat the transmission, it’s needed to switch the selector in Drive mode, holding down the brake pedal for 1 minute. During this time, the oil in the box warms up to working temperature, which will allow it to provide excellent lubrication of moving parts.

45RFE/ 5-45RFE Transmission Problems

To rebuild 45RFE or 545rfe transmission after 300,000 kilometers or more it’s needed to replace the valve body and to inspect the condition of the drive shafts. Typically, the clutch drum is burned, forcing to produce a replacement of it. Rubberized gaskets and oil seal of the pump must also be replaced.

545RFE Fluid type and capacity

Capacity: 10.5-11 l.

Fluid Type: MOPAR +4 or Dexron 3-6

5-45 RFE How to change transmission fluid & filters

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45RFE to 545RFE TRANSMISSION from 4-Speed to 5-Speed

TransGo Shift Kit Installation

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545 RFE Transmission diagram/scheme

45RFE scheme

Transmission diagnostic

5-45 Transmission Diagnostic

Solenoids Identification


Clutch Work


Parts for rebuild 545RFE/45RFE transmission

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