Transmission repair manuals ZF 6HP19 (09L)

Information about rebuild transmission ZF 6HP19 (09L)

The design of this six-step automatic transmission is standard, except for presence of range of the converter more than six. Thereby the excellent economy of fuel was provided, and the transmission differed in durability and maintainability. One of features of this transmission is use of the single-layer membrane filtering oil. As a result, such single-layer membrane is quickly hammered and demands replacement. Otherwise oil current significantly weakens and oil starvation of a transmission appears. The valve body with completely automatic solenoids is responsible for cooling of a transmission and greasing of mobile elements. Automatic equipment allowed to regulate efficiency of greasing and cooling that in turn optimized transmission work. In too time it is necessary to tell that completely automatic control didn’t differ in due reliability and often failed.

ZF 6HP19 transmission problems

From widespread breakages ZF 6HP19 it is possible to note problems with the electronic control unit. Such electronic control unit can fuse in summertime of year as doesn’t differ in due indicators of temperature stability. We will note that the second generation of this transmission differed in the increased indicators of resistance to essential temperature drops. Existence of compulsory blocking of the hydro transformer leads to problems with a frictional slip. For repair 09L (ZF6HP19): at diagnostics of a transmission it is necessary to check a condition of solenoids. During operation of the car it is necessary to provide high-quality warming up of oil in the winter. Otherwise the adapter of the block of solenoids of a transmission can quickly become useless.

Valve Body Problems

ZF6HP19 (09L) Fluid type and capacity

Fluid type: ZF-LifeGuard Fluid 6 

1 Litre Part No: (S671 090 255)

zf6hp fluid


Capacity: Factory fluid capacity is 9 liters. One drain gets 5.5 liters out

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