Transmission repair manuals 09A VW (JF506E, JA5A-EL, RE5F01A)

Information about rebuild transmission JF506E (09A VW, JA5A-EL, RE5F01A)

09A (JF506E) using of completely automatic valve body which is responsible for management of work of a transmission has allowed to minimize the amount of transmission essentially. But at the same time the box has lost in reliability indicators.

Widespread breakage is failure of solenoids which already to run in 150.000 kilometers cease to work correctly and demand replacement. Such breakage in twitching and breakthroughs at gear shifting is shown. From widespread breakages we can also note failure of the regulator of pressure and a full wedge of valves of the oil pump. Rather simple breakage is failure of the regulator of pressure which can be replaced with ease on the service center. In too time it is necessary to tell that the most part of breakages of this transmission demands the qualified repair 09A (JF506, RE5F01A) and has high cost because of high cost of the used spare parts. The earlier the car owner will address to the service center with the available breakage of a transmission, the it will be simpler to fix to him the available problems in transmission work.

JF506E Modification

JF506E gearbox has established itself as an extremely reliable and durable machine. Introduced in 1999, this transmission has existed with minor modifications on the line more than 10 years. All this speaks of its high-tech, reliability and functionality. Depending on the modification of automatic gearbox had a different amount of the oil sump. For cars of no more than 2.5 liters of valve body volume was about 5 liters. While on a modification to the six-cylinder engine volume of oil was more than 7 liters. Note the use of fully automatic valve body control system that will improve cooling and lubrication of the gearbox. It should be noted that repairs with modification of the automatic transmission JF506E are complex, which invariably leads to an increase in the cost of works. That is why it is recommended to follow the rules for maintenance and exploitation of the automatic transmission, which eliminates the need for costly repairs.

JF506E transmission Problems

This modification of a five-speed gearbox had proven itself with the best hand. At the same time, it should be noted that it has the typical problems that occur to the mileage of 150 thousand kilometers and more. For example, when valve body damages may observe tremors and jerks during gear changes. It is recommended at the first sign of damage contact the service centers, where specialists will eliminate any faults. The sooner you contact a service workshop, the easier it will eliminate existing damage.

JF506E transmission fluid check and change

Capacity: 9.3 liters

Fluid Type: Esso LT 71141; Shell ATF 3403 M115; Shell M1375.4; MERCON V XT-5-QM ATF; IDEMITSU K17; Jatco 3100 PL085


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Scheme 09A JF506

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Solenoids JF506

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