Transmission repair manuals 010 VW/Audi (087 / 089 / 090)

Information about rebuild transmission 010 VW/Audi (087 / 089 / 090)

The automatic transmission of VAG 010 differs in simplicity of a design and has three-speed configuration. Rather often this modification of an automatic transmission can be seen on such models of cars as Audi 80, Audi 100, Volkswagen Passat and Jetta.

The automatic transmission of VAG 010 has proved from the best side. Using of developments of the German engineers has allowed to provide significant improvement of indicators of reliability, convenience of operation of cars with automatic transmissions has considerably increased. Control of an automatic transmission was exercised completely of hydraulics that allowed to increase reliability essentially. The box has been connected with the lever of gear shifting mechanically therefore the driver needed to switch extremely accurately the modes of speeds and to do it on completely set car.

Transmission 010 (087,089,090 VW) Problems

For repair VAG 010: One of the weaknesses of this box it is need of replacement of an axis and epiploons. In rare instances the torque converter of an automatic transmission fails. It should be noted that thanks to the magnificent reliability this transmission is quite capable to run half a million kilometers and even more. It is only necessary to watch a condition of the lubrication system and cooling, as will allow to operate this model of transmission with success.

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How to change fluid and filter VW 010 Transmission?

Transmission scheme

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