Low Transmission Fluid Level Symptoms

low transmission fluid symptoms

The most common problem in the car is related to the gearbox is low transmission fluid. There are cases when novice drivers due to lack of experience do not pay attention to the obvious signs of a transmission problem or ignore it altogether. As a result, the problem is not eliminated in time and entails its aggravation. To prevent this, each car owner should carefully study and remember information about the signs of transmission problems and its causes. If you continue to ignore the problem and do not fix it in time, you risk later encounter more serious problems in your car.

Be careful while driving. And this recommendation is not only about paying attention to traffic, but also the work of your car. This will help you to notice the problem and fix it. After reading this article, you will learn the main signs that the low transmission value.
You should know that you should immediately contact the car service if you notice when driving that in your car:

Signs of low transmission fluid

Most car owners complain that in their cars there is often a problem with the gear shift — it is first signs of low transmission oil level. You might think, of course, that this only applies to cars with manual transmission. But this opinion is wrong. For cars with an automatic transmission, this problem is also relevant. Therefore, car owners with both manual and automatic transmission should be careful. And if you notice braking while driving, check the fluid level in the transmission. Most likely it fell below normal, which has led to problems in the transmission. In the case when you change gear and feel a delay or no reaction at all, know that you have a big problem with the car in the form of a breakdown of the gearbox, which has ceased to function properly.

How to check transmission fluid level?

Transmission slipping

transmission slipping

Also, the majority of owners noted a frequently occurring problem in the form of a slipping transmission. It is characterized by the inconsistency between the engine and the car, that is, the engine accelerates its work, and the car remains stationary or moves at the same speed as before.

The cause of such a problem in the car may be a drop in the liquid level below the standard, therefore, at the first signs of slippage, check the level of transmission fluid, and if its low — add about 0.4-0.5 liters. The lack of fluid does not allow for the normal operation of the gear.

Presence of strange sounds

If we talk about the car, in which there are no problems, it is worth noting that you should not hear any extraneous sounds or noises. But if you hear knocks and squeaks when driving, it means that somewhere there is a problem and most likely it is a transmission. Do not waste time and check it out. If you hear clicks when switching gears, the problem lies in the drop in the transmission fluid level.


transmission overheating

If your car’s transmission is regularly exposed to high temperatures, it may soon break down. To avoid this, constantly monitor and maintain a normal level of transmission fluid and use its type of good quality. Remember that high temperatures have a devastating effect on the gearbox. Together with the level of the liquid, also monitor its temperature, which should not rise above 200 degrees.

Automatic transmission fluid leaks

What causes the liquid level to drop below normal? The presence of holes and cracks and, as a result, its leakage. For automatic transmissions, the normal fluid level plays a decisive role in the smooth operation of the gearbox. For practical purposes, conduct a regular inspection of your vehicle to check for damage to its body and leaks. Do not forget to monitor the condition of the liquid.

Transmission fluid change — guide

For good quality transmission fluid is characterized by a red colour and a sweet smell. If this description is radically different from that of the fluid in your car, you should drain it, clean the filters and fill with new fluid.

Now you know all the signs characteristic of a low level of transmission fluid and will be able to easily contrast it in order to prevent damage to your car. When driving, pay attention to its operation and if you find the slightest signs of problems, contact the car service for diagnosis. This will help you avoid serious problems with your car and save you from unnecessary financial costs.

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