Automatic Transmission - Extend life methods

Many people fall into the situation when, because of the unwillingness to spend money on a prophylactic diagnosis, its failure occurs, and then they have to pay a large sum of money to eliminate it. That you were not in the same position, you should take care in advance to pass a preventive check of the car in order to timely establish the mileage of your car. To prolong the transmission and not to pay large sums of money for repairs, take a little time and a small amount of money for the practical work, and as a result, you will not regret it. In this article, you will get acquainted with 5 methods of extending the life of the transmission of your car.

Recommendation 1. Transmission fluid must be checked periodically

The main factor in eliminating problems in the work of your car is the presence of high-quality transmission fluid. By checking its level and condition on a regular basis, you guarantee an extension of the service life of your transmission, the main causes of failure which are associated with pollution or low fluid levels. I hope you have already understood that you should not be negligent in this matter? High temperatures have a negative effect on the transmission. In order to prevent its overheating, perform all necessary measures. Check the condition and level of the fluid on a regular basis, for example, once a month will be sufficient to prevent its contamination or reduction. To test proceeded successfully, learn to see the differences between high-quality liquid and bad and require replacement.


transmission heat


Recommendation 2. Let’s get acquainted with the synthetic transmission fluid

The popularity of syntactic liquids is growing every day, this is due to the fact that it is higher in quality and has a better effect than ordinary liquids. The use of synthetic fluids helps the transmission to better tolerate temperature changes and oxidation. All these effects reduce the life of the transmission if you do not use the liquid. Many manufacturers simply refused to produce the usual version of the liquid, replacing it with a synthetic one. Car owners have done the same for the most part. Its cost is higher than the cost of conventional liquid, but it is justified by the highest quality and the ability to use synthetic liquid longer.

Recommendation 3. Maintain the transmission every 30 thousand miles

You are already familiar with the information that in order to avoid damage to your car transmission fluid should be checked at least once a month. At the same time do not forget to carry out maintenance of the transmission every 30 thousand miles or with the regularity of 1 time every 2 years. Very often in repair truck shops, this service is provided when you apply for a change of fluid and filter. At the same time, the service staff carry out a number of activities:

The most necessary procedure for your car, which should be done systematically, is to replace the transmission fluid. Do not forget to give it time and attention. Moreover, its cost is acceptable — in the service station on average for the car you will be charged in the range of 60 up to 100 dollars. If you do this procedure on your own, it will cost you 40-75 dollars. As you can see, if you do the liquid replacement yourself, you save money, so you should master the necessary skills for this. Moreover, it is quite simple and you will learn it quickly! About how to replace the transmission fluid, as well as how to choose the inflow of transmission, which some car owners consider a more effective option, read more in the article.

Recommendation 4. The combination of the external filter with the cooler lines

One filter is installed in the transmission, which performs the function of protecting the liquid from foreign particles. However, its work alone is not enough. In order to avoid contamination of the liquid is to install another filter in addition to the existing one. This procedure will allow you to be sure that the liquid is protected from dirt particles and the work of the transmission is carried out in normal mode.

Recommendation 5. Checking the cooling system

Due to the fact that the high temperature has a devastating effect on the transmission, the radiator of the car is designed to perform its cooling function, which needs technical support at intervals of 1 every 2 years. This process should consist of a number of procedures including inspection of:

In that case, if you tow heavy vehicles or often use the car at high temperatures, then think about installing an additional cooling system in the radiator.

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