Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting - how to resolve problems?

Eliminate breakage of the automatic transmission

If you own a car with an automatic transmission, then you probably at least once had problems in the form of its problems, which is why it is necessary to stock up on knowledge and skills to eliminate troubleshooting of the automatic transmission. It will help you not to incur big money and time losses at the elimination of breakages, for which scammers from car services take money, but which does not really exist. Therefore, it is very important to learn to understand the issue of problems that may occur in the automatic transmission and possible to master the skills to resolve it. This important information for each car owner you can learn in this article. So, learn the next steps.

If you suddenly have troubles with the automatic transmission, do not despair that you will have to pay a decent amount of money to fix it. It is always possible to diagnose the problem yourself and try to fix the problem. If the failure was serious and you can not afford to fix it yourself, knowledge of information about what it is will be very useful when applying for help in the car service.

Troubleshooting transmission


Phase one. Diagnostic problem. Automatic transmission troubleshooting

No one can notice that something is wrong in the work of the car more quickly than its owner. Even if the problem is minor, you will always feel that your car is not working as usual. If this happens, try to understand exactly what the problem is. This can be done by checking if there are wet spots on the ground under your car that may indicate a leak, pay special attention to how the gearshift occurs when changing speed. Below is the information that will help you in diagnosing the causes of problems in your car:

Trouble 1: leaking transmission fluid.

The reasons:

trouble transmission with leaking

To resolve the problem must to:

Trouble 2: excessive heating of the transmission.

The reasons:

To resolve the problem must to:

Trouble 3: the emergence of uncharacteristic noise.

The reasons:

To resolve the problem must to:

Trouble 4: no forward or reverse slipping gears.

The reasons:

To resolve the problem must to:

Trouble 5: delayed or erratic shift.

The reason:

To resolve the problem must to:

Transmission fluid diagnostic. Phase two. 

Based on the above information about the main vehicle breakdowns of the car and its causes, it can be concluded that most of them are related to the transmission fluid. Now when you have this knowledge in case of any defects of the car the first thing you should do is to check the transmission fluid. «But how do you do that?» — you ask. The answer read further. If during the test you find that the liquid is not enough, then you will need to increase its level to the permissible value which you can find in the user manual. If during the test you find that the liquid is clogged, has an unusual colour and smell, then you will have to completely change not only it but also the filter.

How to check transmission fluid level?

transmission trouble

Phase three. Checking on-board diagnostic codes

After you have checked the transmission fluid and came to the conclusion that the cause of the fault of the car is not in it, in order to eliminate the damage in the automatic transmission, you need to check the serviceability of the onboard computer of your car.

Monitor the nearest car repair shops and find out if they offer a free-on-board computer scan of the car, or contact the car service you have already checked, although they will only provide you with the OBD codes that come. Alternatively, you can buy an OBD scanner for personal use, if you have frequent breakdowns of the car. Note the options at a reasonable price, such as the Autel MaxiScan MS300 and the Actron PocketScan. You can also install apps on your mobile phone.

You can get acquainted with the repair tips in accordance with the OBD code on the website

Phase four. View the vehicle repair manual or website

If checking the onboard computer of your car also did not show any breakdowns, then at the next stage of your actions, read the troubleshooting guide in your specific brand of car. You can also find information on the relevant website on the Internet, which provide such information for free. There are also car owners forums where they share tips with each other. Often the repair instructions contain more complete information, but it coasts expensive. Popular options include Haynes and All Data DIY.

Phase five. Professional approach to the problem

If you have tried all the known and available methods for diagnosing and eliminating the problems in your car, but still did not have a positive result and troubleshooting with transmission continues, then you should seek help from specialists. Unfortunately, not all problems you can fix on your own, there are some that require qualified solutions. This will you skilled professionals with experience. These are the ones you can find in YourMechanic. Here you will receive not only free online advice on repair but also the diagnosis and maintenance of your car at home or in the office.

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